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Against the Grain Hand Pulled Adult Wet Dog Food Beef w/Gravy 12oz. (Case of 12)

Hand pulled beef with hand cut carrots, apples, sweet potatoes, and peas are slow cooked in gravy for a delicious

Ark Naturals Gray Muzzle Brushless Toothpaste Small/Medium 4.1Oz

Natural, "Senior Friendly" Dental Chewable. Helps to control plaque and tartar while promoting fresh breath! Contains dentally helpful ingredients formulated especially for senior dogs. Helpful for dogs with gum tenderness and/or missing teeth. MADE IN THE USA. For dogs 5 years and older. Available in two sizes: SM/MED and LARGE Active IngredientsL-ascorbyl-2-polyphosephate (STAY-C) a source of vitamin C and key nutrient in dental health. ray Muzzle BREATH-LESS Brushless Toothpaste is a highly digestible dental chew with clinically proven, all natural ingredients Ingredients: L-Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate (Stay-C???) A Source Of Vitamin C - A Key Nutrient In Dental Health Sodium Pyrophosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Carbonate - Helps Abrasive Action Chlorophyll, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Clove ?????? All Freshen Breath Inactive Rice Flour Honey Water (For Processing) Glycerin Canola Oil Gelatin Cultured Whey Citric Acid (A Preservative) Sodium Bicarbonate Lecithin Salt Calcium Carbonate Dicalcium Phosphate Flax Oil (Preserved With Mixed Tocoperols) Natural Flavor

Ark Naturals Protection+ Toothpaste 5 In1 -12Oz Small Chews

Protection+ Brushless Toothpaste is the only dental chew that stops plaque and tartar before they start! Powered by nature?s most powerful antioxidant: Astaxanthin! Astaxanthin stops plaque and tartar before it can even start by boosting the antibody immunoglobulin A (lgA) in the saliva, therefore creating a protective barrier on teeth! Our unique 5-in-1 dental chews have a toothpaste center with active ingredients and natural breath fresheners such as cinnamon, clove and vanilla. Our dental chews also support gums with antioxidant power and form a protective barrier to support healthy teeth.

Ark Naturals Sensitive Gums 1 Lb 2Oz Bag Medium Chews

$8.491.2 Lbs
Does your dog have tooth trouble? Our Sensitive Gums Brushless? Toothpaste was developed with your pup in mind! Ideal for cracked teeth, surgeries, missing teeth or dogs that are prone to dental sensitivity. Our light, airy textured chews are easier to consume and won?t stick to teeth but packed with the same effective ingredients as the original formula.

Aspen Carrot with Squeakers Plush Dog Toy Medium

Aspen Pet? Plush toys are perfect for any dog that loves to chew on soft plush for that fun squeaking sound. Available in a variety of whimsical shapes and characters including this Plush Bone. Dimensions: 3.5 X 2.5 X 8

Bam-Bone Bone Bacon Dog Toy 5.75 in

$3.185.75 in
Bam-Bones are the newest in durable long-lasting chew toys. Made with bamboo fibers that are a sustainable, renewable, natural resource,

Barkworthies 3-4 Inch Shin Bone Stuffed With Acai Blend

Barkworthies Stuffed Shin Bones Are Durable And Long-lasting, And Are Now Made With A Variety Of New And Innovative Fillings! These Beef Shin Bones Are Made From Free-range, Pasture-raised Cattle, And Are Paired With Unique Fillings.

Barkworthies American Pride 8 Inch Beef Rib (Small Bone Box) (Case Of 20)

$54.998 Inch
Keep active chewer busy with the Barkworthies Beef Rib Bones Dog Chew. A great way to cure boredom and save your shoes, this chew is baked with pieces of meat and tendons still attached, for a flavor that your dog will absolutely love. And since it???s full of nutrients like calcium, iron and zinc, this tasty delight has all kinds of bonus health benefits, like stronger teeth and bones plus a boosted immune system. But all your dog will care about is the savory flavor and satisfying texture, which will clean his teeth as he gnaws away. Ingredients: Beef Rib

Cesar Angus Beef Flavor With Bacon and Cheese Loaf Wet Dog Food 24Ea/3.5 Oz, 24 Pk

Dogs love the great taste of beef, cheese and bacon in CESAR Angus Beef Flavor With Bacon & Cheese Loaf

Cesar Filet Mignon Flavor In Sauce Wet Dog Food 24Ea/3.5 Oz, 24 Pk

Every gourmet knows that the filet is more than a meal. It’s an experience. And this most tender cut of

Cesar Ham and Egg Flavor With Potato and Cheese Loaf Wet Dog Food 24Ea/3.5 Oz, 24 Pk

Dogs love the great taste of ham, eggs and potatoes in CESAR Ham & Egg Flavor With Potato & Cheese

Cesar Home Delights Mixed Dog Food 84.66 oz 24 Pack

Dogs love the great taste of beef stew, pot roast, chicken noodle, and turkey & potatoes in CESAR HOME DELIGHTS